Industrial Gas Cylinder

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Industrial Gas Cylinder

Gas cylinders come in a variety of packages to suit your needs. All packages are available for VOT/LOT as well as BMCG deployments. We offer a variety of cylinders to meet the needs of various industries.

Sri Balaji Gas Services will help you if you need an Industrial Gas Cylinder 450 kg in or near Tirunelveli. These cylinders are used in industrial applications such as heat treatment for metal, ceramic, and glass goods, forging, and cutting, among others. It is given with the highest care, in accordance with regulatory regulations. When working with I it is critical to take extreme precautions and safety procedures.

LPG could be used in the following industries:

Hotel & hospitality: Boiling, Stewing, Frying, Grilling, Toasting, Broiling, Roasting, Baking, etc.

Food Processing: Tea Drying, Biscuit Baking, Bread Baking, Cocoa Bean Roasting, Coffee Roasting, Chicory Roasting, Cornflakes, Tea Drying & many more where drying, roasting & frying is required.

Building And Construction: Bitumen Heating, Asphalt heating ( Concrete Mixing), Sand Curing & Many more where Heating Required.

Agriculture: Bird Scaring, Chicken Breeders, Poultry , Grain Drying, Cereal Drying, Rice Drying, Tobacco Curing & Many more where Heating/ drying Is required.

Glass & Ceramic Industries: Mold Heating, Glass Furnaces, Glass Melting, Glass Forming, Fire Polishing, Annealing Chambers, Tile Decorating, Tile Glazing Etc.

Industrial Processes: Aluminum Melting, Aluminum-Billet Heating, Steam Boiler, Space and Process Heating, Melting, Preheating, Hardening, Tempering, Grain drying, Cutting, Welding, Powder coatings, Powder Manufacturing, Lead Melting, Soap Manufacturing,  Paint Drying, Food Processing , Hot Water Generation, Shrink-Wrapping, Industrial Ovens, Galvanizing, Degreasing, Print Drying, Incinerators. Pulp Drying, Radiant heating of Paper

Stay safe with these steps


  • In the event of a leak, ensure adequate ventilation and sound an alert or shout.
  • Maintain a cool environment and keep the cylinders away from sparks, flames, and extreme heat.
  • In the event of an unsafe situation, avoid using LPG in windy conditions and immediately halt all operations.
  • When a suspected valve leak is suspected, put on the safety cap and store the LPG cylinder in an open area.
  • Before using, please read the manufacturer’s operating instructions.


  • Keep your LPG cylinder upright and not horizontal. The cylinder should always be used upright.
  • Keep the cylinder away from any source of heat, whether direct or indirect.
  • Check the valve and the ‘O’ ring before connecting the cylinder.
  • Don’t leave the unconnected and unused LPG cylinders lying around.
  • Allow no one who is not permitted to enter the cylinder area.
  • In and near the LPG shed, avoid using battery-operated or electrical gadgets.

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