Invest in your safety because it is precious.

Sri Balaji Gas Services business unit place a premium on employee safety and well-being. Our safety vision includes not just our own assets and employees, but also those of our customers, partners, and the broader public.

Safety Tips

LPG is now used in practically every industry, including residential, commercial, and industrial. It has shown to be one of the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly fuels available. LPG use has been plagued by incidents, which cannot be classified as random instances, due to certain of its features. Certain safety precautions must be followed when using LPG. Explosions, fires, property destruction, and, most significantly, loss of life can all result from improper LPG use. Do not overlook issues such as leaking gas cylinders or tubes, faulty regulators, improper LPG cylinder storage, and so on.

Stay alert for any noticeable signs of leakage

Gas leakage has always been a high-risk situation in industrial sites, so being prepared to prevent and respond to one is critical. Any leakage that is detected should be addressed right away to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. BHAWANI BHARAT GAS, as one of the main LPG suppliers in BHAWANI, prioritises the safety of its clients.

For LPG appliances Approval:

  • Always utilize appliances that have been authorized by the BIS.
  • Rubber tubes and LPG regulators that have been approved by the BIS should only be purchased from authorized wholesalers.

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